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Crossfit Rowing Machines

Rowing Form Analysis

Improving your rowing form can help alleviate aches and pains as well as keep you rowing longer.

It can also help you IMPROVE your performance!

Even when we follow along to workouts online, we aren't always doing what we think we are doing.


An outside perspective with a trained eye can be SUPER helpful.

What's In A Rowing Form Analysis?

We offer TWO different options!


Video Rowing Analysis

Simply send in your video and we'll help you prevent injuries before they start!

Get a personalized rowing analysis video back with actionable steps and changes to work on.

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What the video rowing analysis includes:

1. Commit to a rowing analysis

2. Record yourself rowing from the side view (30 sec or so)

3. Record yourself rowing from the front view (30 sec or so)

4. Email us your video (right from your phone)

5. Wait for a quick response within 2 business days

After purchasing, please check your junk email folder for an email from "Rowing Doc" with info on how to move forward!



LIVE Zoom "In-Person"
Rowing Form Analysis

60 minute,1-on-1 Zoom call with recording afterwards.

Get a functional movement analysis with flexibility and mobility screening, review of your history, a rowing analysis, and actionable and personalized steps to work on both on and off the rower. 


What the Zoom rowing analysis includes:

1. Schedule your rowing session

2. Have your computer or device ready for the video call.

4. Write your questions down so you are ready to go.

5. Meet Amanda and get a recording of the session with a follow-up email with all info afterwards.


Amanda has been an incredible cheerleader and coach who helped me to improve my form. Her personal one on one session was just what I needed to start my journey on the right path!

Amy D.

Not Quite Ready For Rowing Form Help?

Checkout some of our other resources for rowers!

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