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Beginner's Guide To Indoor Rowing

The Rowing Machine for Beginner's Guidebook is Here!

Learn all about the indoor rowing machine including...

Proper rowing technique

How to use and understand the machine


How to avoid injuries

4 weeks of rowing machine beginner workouts

Plus so much more!

Beginngers Guide To Rowing - SM 05 (1).jpg

What Makes Beginner's Guide
To Indoor Rowing Different?


First... It's the book designed for the BEGINNER on the indoor rowing machine!


Second, it's Written By a Rowing Physiotherapist

Amanda Painter Diver has been rowing since 2001 and has dedicated her career to helping beginners use the rowing machine without getting hurt.

Amanda explains things in an easy way, without all the fancy words.

And if you have questions, you can always reach Amanda via email.


Amanda has been an incredible cheerleader and coach who helped me to improve my form. Her personal one on one session was just what I needed to start my journey on the right path!

Amy D.

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