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What Are Your Rowing Goals?

Are you trying to get in shape?

Looking to cross-train or improve your performance?

Starting on the rowing machine in hopes of getting on the water?

We want you to succeed and help you reach your goals, without getting hurt!


Amanda literally wrote the book on rowing for beginners!

You know you're in good hands because we specialize in newbies! We are here to help get you rowing longer than 5 minutes so you can take your health back!

No more worrying about an old back injury coming back or being aggravated by rowing! We can help!


Indoor Rowing Help is Here!


Rowing Beginner's Welcome!

We specialize working with beginners.

You don't need to be an expert to start rowing! Rowing is a sport that people spend their lifetime perfecting, so no matter where you are in your rowing journey, we can help!


Feel Supported While Learning

We are here to help you on your fitness and rowing journey. You aren't alone and we won't let you feel like you are!


Professional Guidance for your Indoor Rowing

Know that you are getting help from someone who has the experience and knowledge to help.

Amanda is a Dr. of Physical Therapy who can help you be pain free and keep rowing!


Rowing for Beginners and Beyond!

Everything you need for the rowing machine is in one place! Whether you are a new rower or looking to improve your 2k, 5k, or half marathon (HM) time, or easing back into workouts after an injury, we've got you covered!

Crossfit Rowing Machines
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Meet Amanda, The Rowing Doc

Amanda Diver, PT, DPT


Doctor of Physical Therapy, Rowing Coach, Author


While struggling through knee pain on and off, Amanda was still training for triathlons, doing CrossFit, and rowing. Amanda has had a passion for rowing since she started rowing in high school in 2001. Her background as a Sports Physical Therapist combined with her love for rowing make her a great resource for those wanting to learn to row or improve without aches and pains. After going to over 30+ gyms she realized that noone was teaching rowing and many people were getting hurt on the rower. Amanda's passion for rowing and helping people has led her to helping people row 30+ minutes without being out of breath or getting hurt!

Amanda is hoping to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean in December 2024. Follow along on her podcast.

Individualized Workout Plans

Not everyone is the same, so training plans shouldn't be either.


Get a personalized rowing plan for weightloss, strength and rowing, 2k, 5k, half marathon, or marathon.


Learn about Training Plan Options

Beginner's Rowing Program

This is the ultimate plan for new rowers!

It's proven to get you rowing 30+ minutes without being out of breath and without getting hurt!

Learn about Indoor Rowing For Beginners!


Rowing Form Check/ Analysis

Following Youtube videos and online training programs can be a great way to start, but we don't always get the feedback we need to improve.

Having some elbow pain, knee pain, back pain, or something else with rowing?

Start with a rowing form analysis from an expert rowing coach and PT! We take your injuries into account and are experts at stopping aches and pains

Learn about Rowing Analysis Options


"Your videos are a must watch for beginner rowers!"

Dr. Amanda Painter, PT, DPT teaches how to row in order to improve fitness and functional strength for anyone!

"I've never rowed in my life. I see the equipment at my gym and I'm terrified. Enter Dr. Painter's book. It's an easy-to-read and comprehensive guide to rowing, geared to newcomers like me (and I'm sure experienced rowers will benefit from it too).

I've found it incredibly helpful - it goes over what "good" form is so you don't hurt yourself, your mindset (why do you row?), each of the three parts of the rowing stroke (I didn't even know there were three), and more."


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